Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Life of Peace... True to Self and God...

I am NOT perfect. I do NOT have a perfect family. But on a positive day, I DO have what I consider to be, a perfectly perfect life ~ IE. A life of peace. :) But you may have to read to the end of this post to understand why I believe this.

Since I have begun blogging...  I have found myself surprised. I know I shouldn't have been... that it was terribly presumptuous of me to think myself as unique as I used to think myself to be, (ha ha! :)) but tis true... I was surprised; and I was presumptuous. There are actually many other people like me out there! :)

In one blog that I read today, the concept of being "different" or "set apart" was the goal; these ladies chose to wear skirts to do so. I have no desire myself to give up pants, but hats off to them for doing it if it is important to them! As I read this, I realized that my "different," "odd," or "peculiar" ways of being... probably cause me to "stand out, too."

Young Women's Theme... Mormon girls age 12-18 
memorize and quote this theme weekly;
I also did this twice a week when I was a youth.
You may click on the photo to enlarge and read...
I'm really thankful for this new awareness within me - that though I probably do stand out in some ways, I am not quite as different alone in this as I supposed I was. That, though I am unique in my own way, so is everyone else. And I have the influence of many of blogs to thank for it. These are blogs from Mormons and other Christians who are no less unique or peculiar than I am. Individuals who I can associate with ENTIRELY. These are people who, like me, know who they are (see last page of circle journal)... and let others know who they are.

NOTE: (I had links to a couple of these blogs when I first posted this, but in no way want anyone to assume I think the highlighted blogs or bloggers stand out any more than the ones not highlighted - so I deleted the links.) 

The more I find other people like these, the more I realize that the world is filled with light from beautiful men and women. There are so many people who have been taught, just as I have... to get to know Christ and strive to live lives of faith in Him. Contemplating upon these things reminds me that the doctrine that I believe and live... makes me who I am. And there are thousands millions of people all over the world who believe and live just as I do, and who let their lights shine.

I am inspired by these men and women... and I hope that in some way, I will manage to do as I have always intended to do, in life, and on this bloglet my light shine (or rather, let Christ's light shine through me). I chose the light house theme for that reason - as a constant reminder to myself to let my light shine; to not be afraid to admit when I am among the minority, or to be true to myself and to God and be happy to be in the minority. I hope to be a source of light and hope to others on stormy days... and that people will know that peace and contentment come through faith in Jesus Christ... the faith that gives strength to follow His lead. If this is living in the minority, THEN SO BE IT! :)

 I know without an inkling of doubt, that He is ALWAYS there for us... and that with His help there is no challenge we can not get through...I KNOW THIS! I have had big challenges in my life; faith in Jesus Christ has given me the strength that I need to not only keep moving forward, but to have my heavy burdens lifted and made light. And, because of my relationship with Jesus Christ and the faith I have to follow Him... I too KNOW, as Joselyn so perfectly put it, "there are no unsolvable problems."

And so I leave my testimony with you today, that I know that God lives, knows, and loves - each and every one of us. I know Christ lives, knows, and loves us. And I know that as we get to know Him by learning His words, praying to the Father in His name, and by obeying His commandments - peace fills our lives no matter what our struggles.

It does not take living with perfect people... to have a life of peace.

It does not take being a perfect person... to have a life of peace.

Nor does it take riches, or a life without struggles... to have a life of peace. 

A life of peace - comes from total, undeniable, faith in the Lord; so undeniable, that one moves forward and does his best to live Christ's laws/commandments, no matter how difficult the climb, or how big the obstacles.

This, to me, is a perfect life. It isn't an easy life. The climb is often difficult and steep, it requires vigilant efforts, and constant repentance... but as I have said, so many times before; I believe the view is worth the climb!

Wishing you peace...

Corine :D


  1. Love this one today, and I feel the same way as you. That is exactly what I want my blog to be. A living testimony to Him. I am not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. I am just a mom trying to do the best I can. And with faith, hope and diligence, I will do many small things that bear that witness. Wonderful thoughts today. thank you for sharing.

  2. I don't share your faith but I think your uniqueness should be praised.

  3. Patty Ann - You definitely DO accomplish that with your blog!!!! :D

    Clarissa - I was thinking the same thing about you and your personal and writing talents when reading your blog last night or this morning (when did I read??? too young for this!!! ;o). I think each person's uniquness should be praised! Thank you! :D

  4. Really, really love that last line!

  5. Thanks Angie! :D Thanks for stopping by. :)

  6. What a beautiful testimony -- it is one of the reasons I have started a blog ... thank you for the powerful encouragement!

  7. Laura - Thanks! I'm so happy you found encouragement here! Welcome! :D


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